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Helping Hand Scholarship

Zeta Alpha Theta Chi Alumni Association
“Helping Hand Scholarship Fund”


The Slippery Rock Theta Chi Alumni “Helping Hand Scholarship Fund” can help assist active undergraduate/graduate students who are Zeta Alpha Theta Chi initiated brothers who are experiencing genuine and unavoidable financial difficulties and are struggling with their living costs at SRU. The “Helping Hand Scholarship Fund” is a discretionary financial donation to the student, offering support in an academic year and does not need to be paid back. Funds are provided thanks to donations by Slippery Rock University Zeta Alpha Theta Chi Alumni and friends with the intention of assisting with general living and/or course-related costs may include partial tuition fees or unexpected expenses. It is eligible only to SRU Zeta Alpha Theta Chi members in good standing.


Eligible Zeta Alpha Theta Chi students must be currently enrolled at Slippery Rock University or, if during a break, enrolled for the following semester. Funding is limited to once per academic year per student and applications must be reviewed with the Financial Aid Office to be sure there is no long-term impact to Federal Financial Aid.

Examples of expenses that can be paid with this funding but not limited to: food/gas, essential utilities, safety (changing locks due to criminal concern), medication/medical issues/uncovered medical expenses, loss of housing (temporarily due to disaster or unexpected lack of income), essential belongings (when lost due to a disaster or crime), travel cost (for emergency purposes), tuition. Other expenses will be considered on a case by case basis. Items not eligible for support funding include but are not limited to: bail, fines or tickets. Items not eligible for funding include but are not limited items such as alcohol or any illegal substances.

Award amounts:

  • An individual scholarship shall not exceed $500.
  • Up to $1,000 may be available in any one year and if the full amount is not used in a year it may be rolled over and available in subsequent years.
  • In the event that an extraordinary incident may arise that an individual scholarship would exceed the $500 limit, the Scholarship Committee may make a request to the President of the Alumni Corporation of the Zeta Alpha Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity to present to the Board to consider authorizing funding the extraordinary request.
  • The objective of the program is to generate a $25,000 endowment fund and 100 % of the investment earnings will be made available each year for scholarships. The amount available will be equal to the earning of the previous academic year.


Any Theta Chi brother who may be in need of support shall contact the Chapter Scholarship Chair and the Chapter Scholarship chair shall put that member in contact with the Slippery Rock University Director of Student Support to gain necessary assistance. In the absence of a Scholarship Chair the brother should contact another member of the chapter scholarship committee.

In the event that the assistance provided by the University Director of Student Support does not provide sufficient resources the member should:

  1. Complete a “Theta Chi Helping Hand Scholarship Application” The application must be submitted by the eligible student.
  2. All applications and information contained in each application should be held in the strictest of confidence. Shared with only those that need to know. In reporting to either CAB or Alumni Association it is recommended that a numeric system be used – case #1, #2 and so on. Situation/s, not brother identity, should/may/can be shared within our Theta Chi and SRU organizations with only those that need to know.
  3. The application shall be submitted to the Zeta Alpha Chapter Scholarship Chair.
  4. The Zeta Alpha Scholarship Chair shall schedule a meeting between the student and the chapter Scholarship Committee composed of the Scholarship Chair, The Chapter President and The Health and Safety Vice President. In the event and applicant is one of the three listed, the Chapter Vice President shall replace that member on the committee.
  5. The student shall attend the meeting of the Scholarship Committee to share details of his circumstance.
  6. The Scholarship Committee shall then make a decision, by majority vote, on the request and submit the request to the SRU Financial Aid Office to be sure there is no long-term impact to Federal Financial Aid. The Scholarship Chair shall act as the liaison with the Financial Aid office if necessary. If cleared by the Financial Aid office, the Chapter Scholarship Chair would submit the request to the Alumni Board Treasurer to authorize the issuing of funds by the SRU Foundation. Requests will be reviewed and award decisions will be made as quickly as possible.
  7. If submitted to the University Foundation by Friday at 3:00 p.m., the University Foundation will disburse funds before Thursday of the following week.