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Alumni Corporation

The Alumni Corporation, Zeta Alpha Chapter of Theta Chi, Inc., shall be an organization, which serves the active undergraduate chapter.

This section of the site contains information related to the Alumni Association including:

Zeta Alpha An Officially Recognized Alumni Corporation

As of April 14, 2022, the Zeta Alpha Alumni Chapter of Theta Chi, Inc. has been accepted by Theta Chi International Fraternity for official recognition as part of the Alumni Corporation Recognition Program

The acceptance expires on June 30, 2024. Resubmission for acceptance for another 2 years begins on December 31, 2023.

Programs sponsored or “sanctioned” by the Zeta Alpha Alumni Chapter of Theta Chi, Inc are covered by the benefits of the program and associated liability insurance program.

Part of the program requires that the Alumni chapter confirms its receipt of, understanding and compliance with the documents listed below and we affirmed such.

The benefits of the program are included in the acceptance letter that is included here.